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Highlight Event Entertainment in Your Invitations

Invitations, whether physical or electronic, should not only tell guests the essential information about an event, but should persuade them to actually attend the function.

A well-designed invitation goes a long way in convincing guests that the event is legitimate, professional, and organized. But, how can an invitation convince guests that this celebration is one they won’t want to miss? Showcase the fun and exciting things that will take place!

If you have booked an entertainer or special performance for your event, promote that on your invitation.

High-profile? Let the name speak for itself
If your performer is a high-profile celebrity or is famous within a professional industry, adding their name or group’s name to your invitation will draw interest and speak to the professionalism of the hosting organization. Generally, with very popular acts, not much description is needed, as performers’ reputations will speak for themselves.

But, you should include some small details about the performance, including when and where it will take place. Guests will always arrive late, no matter what the function is. Noting the time the performance will begin can help cut down on interruptions during the performance, and ensures that guests don’t miss the most exciting part of the event.

If you are hosting an event in a very large or complex venue, you should consider including where the performance will take place. This is especially true if the entertainer will be performing in a space that is secluded from most of the other event activities.

Low-Profile? Include detailed information
Lesser-known performers are great for many different types of events, because they typically offer unique services for lower prices, and guests may find their performances more intriguing. These lower profile entertainers do require some introduction, though.

In this case, your invitation should not only highlight the name of the group or performer, but should also include a couple of lines that will clue your guests in to what type of performance is taking place, who the performer is, and some of the performer’s accolades.

Some performers, especially speakers for academic and corporate events, will ask to have a short biography and headshot included on event materials; the back of the invitation is the perfect place for this information. If you do include information on an entertainer on the back of an invitation, be sure to denote that on the front of the invitation, so guests don’t miss it.

Think like a potential guest would
If you are unsure what information to include about an event entertainment act on your event invitations, try to put yourself in the same frame of mind as your guests. What would you want to know about a performer? What information would sell this performance or event to you?

Last but not least, keep this information short and sweet. You don’t need a long description to be convincing, and chances are, guests won’t read more than a couple of lines, anyway.

Entertainment can be a huge motivator for guests to attend an event, but that’s only if they know it is scheduled to take place. Use your invitation to persuade guests to attend your event and enjoy themselves while they’re there.

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