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Factors to Consider When Being Unique

Planning an effective event is easier said than done. While there are countless components which make up a great event, entertainment is easily one of the most important aspects. There are some tried and true entertainment options, such as bands or DJs, but what if your event requires something different? Depending on a number of factors, you may find it necessary to go a completely different route with your potential entertainment. In order to help you plan an event which truly speaks to your audience and goals, below are important factors to note when attempting to be unique with your event entertainer options.

Depending on the type of event you are planning, you might find it necessary to consider alternative forms of entertainment. While you will be somewhat limited in professional or formal settings, the options for a reunion or graduation party are almost unlimited. While musical entertainment, such as bands and DJs, are typically the most popular, this does not mean you cannot consider entertainment like comedians, dancers, or even a sword swallower. Yes, that’s right: a sword swallower. Assessing your event type will open a door of possibilities you may have never considered before.

Your audience will play a large factor in how creative you can be when selecting your prospective entertainment. Some audiences will only be open to certain types of entertainment, such as a soft band or singer. This is especially true with older audiences, who usually do not like for entertainment to upstage the event its self. In turn, younger audiences tend to support entertainment which makes a large impact during an event, even if the content is somewhere unexpected. When selecting entertainment for a specific audience, consider the best ways to engage your guests without creating unnecessary disruptions or distractions from the overall event.

While you likely selected your venue in order to meet specific needs or price points for your event, it will also play a critical role in deciding how unique you can be when booking potential entertainment. Smaller venues do not allow amble space for performance or equipment. While some might seem this as a limiting factor, others would use the opportunity to book entertainers which do not require an excessive amount of space. Consider what you can do with the space you have, even if it means thinking outside of the box.

Every event a set of goals, whether you take conscience note of them or not. For example, if you are hosting a birthday party, your goal would likely be to make sure that the person celebrating has a time they will never forget. While you may not take note of this goal right away, you will likely look to book entertainment which suffices this goal in the most effective way possible. While it is easy to book popular entertainment, the same performers that everyone looks to, consider how unique forms of event entertainment will help you reach and exceed your event goals. Failure to do so could lead to mediocre or misleading event in the eyes of your guests.

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