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DJ-ing is Life

Let’s say you’re planning a wedding, club, festival, or birthday party. You got everything down, to drinks and decorations, but the event DJ is the last thing you need to deal with. You can’t brush this aside because, you know, music will be the life of the party and you think, what will play in the background when everyone has nothing to do? With a million and one things on your list to complete in an hour, you’re exhausted but want everything perfect for tonight’s party. The next thing on your list is “Help DJ Set Up.” Stress no further! Here are some things to consider when hiring a DJ and choosing the best area/ surroundings for them to play.

Each DJ is different. They have different styles, taste in music, and even preference to whether they play in the day or night. Ask any DJ which they prefer and most likely, the results will be split down the middle.

That’s because it varies for some DJs. The DJ goes based off the feel and ambiance the time of day has to offer. For instance, some DJs love playing in the day. Sweat comes pouring down on your face because you can’t control the power of the sun and the rhythm of dance. Whereas, some will disagree and say, in the night, you have only lasers and strobe-lights as sources of light to catch glimpses of the people around you and it’s epic.

Moreover, DJs who mostly play at night clubs, don’t assume they’ll refuse to play at your “Fun in the Sun” beach party. You’ll be surprised what comes out of them at any time of the day when they’re in the zone.

This is also something to consider when your event entertainer is about ready to set up and practice. The difference in playing music for crowds inside and outside is all about the space. Inside spaces will most likely have a stage, accompanied by a dance floor, creating a barrier for partygoers to be afraid once they step inside, while outside spaces have whole fields to jump and dance around because the partygoers don’t feel worried about a circle of people shouting, “Dance Off!”

For this reason, a club set is more intimate and deep. That’s because the beats blasting out of the speakers rhythmically are in an enclosed area, making you closer to the DJ and their music. Playing at a festival attracts massive crowds with fans belting out lyrics or singing along to a melody. This shows musical harmony that a club doesn’t really give you.

Inside sets are meant to be more personable with the DJ and music, while outside sets are about being with a bunch of people who want to dance the night away.

One last thing: when interviewing DJs for a gig, always ask questions about their style and preferences. This will help you choose the best fit for your event.

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