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Choose the Right Music For Your Event

Nearly all events incorporate music in some way, and those songs that you choose for your event can either elevate or take away from the success of your event. Whether you are booking a singer, band, or DJ, or curating music yourself for your event, it is important to play music the best suits your event and guests, regardless if it is corporate entertainment or another type of function.

First, think of the group who will be attending your event. Consider their ages, lifestyles, professions, and other personal details that could affect the way they feel about certain genres of music. If you are able, you can survey some of the guests to get an accurate idea of what music they prefer. Of course, not all guests will like the same type of music, so aim to please the majority. When you are inviting a diverse crowd with varying musical preferences, consider compiling a list of current and classic hits that can be enjoyed be all.

It is important to remember that your taste in music won’t always align with your guests’. Because your goal is to entertain them, you should gear the music toward their preferences rather than your own.

Once you’ve got your guests in mind, also take a look at the theme of your event or the overall mood you wish to invoke. Booking themed parties will often require very specific music selections, like Hawaiian music for a tropical themed party or country music at a cowboy themed event. For those events that don’t have a clear-cut theme, determine what type of experience you wish to give your guests. For example, a metal band might seem out of place in a softly lit, whimsical setting.

When you have a genre in mind, you should consult the entertainment agency you have booked through, or plan to book with, to inform them about your audience, event atmosphere, and preferred musical selections. As a professional, with hopefully many years of experience, they will be able to tailor their performance to fit your specifications. If you have any special requests, like certain songs or artists, or other details that you think the entertainer ought to know, give them notice before the event to prepare their set.

Though you have likely thought about your music selections at great length, it never hurts to have a plan B. Whether this be for performers or genre, being prepared for something to go wrong or your audience to not receive your first choice well is a wise move. As far as live entertainers go, after securing your first option for the event, try to get into contact with another available performer and provide them with the details about your event; in the event that your first option has an emergency or is simply a no-show, you can call on your “plan B” performer to save the day.

If you have curated your own playlists for the event, you might consider compiling a few extra options so that if your audience appears uninterested or dissatisfied with your first choice, you can easily switch over to a different genre or collection.
When it comes to music at your event, foresight and planning can go a long way to show your guests that selected each and every detail with them in mind.

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