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Choose a DJ Who Will Match Your Event Style

DJs are one of the most popular options for event entertainment, and for good reason. While other forms of entertainment can be engaging to an audience, DJs look to use their experience with music in order to create a truly unique experience. While you may feel like you could hire any DJ with the expectation that they will be able to work well with your event, this is not exactly true. Professional DJs tend to focus on a specific type of music, meaning they work best with certain event styles. Below are important reasons why you should choose a DJ who will match your event style.

Music Preference
While you may have a diverse audience depending on your event, it is likely that you are looking to achieve a specific theme or event style. If you are having a western themed event, it would only be logical to hire a DJ that specializes in country music. In turn, most of your guests would tend to have a preference for country music if you are looking to achieve that type of theme. While not everyone in attendance will be a fan of country music, they will at least know what to expect. Nothing confuses an audience more than having a DJ who completely goes against the specified event style.

Guest Engagement
Besides mixing music, DJs play a large role in engaging guests during the event. Since a good event DJ looks to pump up the crowd whenever possible, they will likely be speaking directly to the audience through the use of a microphone. While you should obviously hire a DJ who is personable and can easily live up to this role, it is also important to have a DJ who matches your event style. A DJ who specializes in electronic music will have an extremely difficult time engaging a hip-hop centered audience, and vice versa.

Control of the Event
No matter what type of event you are putting on, you clearly want to have control of the event at all times. If you are looking to have an up-tempo party, you will want guests out of their seat dancing and having a great time. In order to manage this energy, you will need a DJ who is able to set the appropriate vibe and engage with guests accordingly. On the other hand, if you are having a more formal event, you will want a DJ who can be serious and not get out of hand. This is especially true if your event features special moments or ceremonies. If you have a DJ who only knows how to play for a party, you will quickly feel your control of the event slipping away.

Overall Experience
While you need a DJ who can match your event style for multiple reasons, the most important reason is the need to develop the overall experience for your guests. A DJ who does not match the style of your event would be the same as hosting a birthday party in a corporate conference room. If all of your elements do not work together, guests will walk away wishing for more. By choosing a DJ who can perfectly facilitate entertainment, you stand the best chance of putting on a truly effective event.

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