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Booking For Your Event: Is it ever too soon?

Planning a successful event means juggling tons of moving pieces, thinking about minute details, and being extremely organized. But, at the end of the day, no event would be possible if planners didn’t think futuristically and act fast to book the spaces, supplies, and people they need well in advance.

When it comes to venues, the saying “the sooner the better” definitely holds true. Every venue is different and the only way to know for sure how much time a business needs to reserve a space is by communicating with them. Especially if you are planning the event in a highly populated metropolitan area, prime locations go fast. Some venues are booked out one to a few years in the future, so planning for these high-caliber spaces last minute will not do. Some smaller-scale or less popular venues may not need much notice, but to ensure you are guaranteed the space you have your heart set on, you should contact them as early as possible.

Typically, it’s easier to wait to reserve supplies like table and chairs, linens, lights, and tech equipment until after you’ve confirmed your venue. This way, you will know what the venue can supply and in what quantities. If your venue does provide any of the supplies mentioned above, you’ll almost certainly save money by using those items as opposed to renting them from another company.

In the event that you do need to rent materials from a third party, you should again check with that company or companies to confirm exactly how much time they need to reserve the items you need. Generally, for things like these, not much time is needed, but in certain cases, you may find that you should’ve called sooner. If you’ll need an unusually high volume of chairs, for example, it’s a good idea to give the company you’re working with more notice. Similarly, specialized equipment, like certain types of lights and AV technology, could be difficult to locate, so you should begin reserving them as soon as you can.

As far as booking personnel is concerned, the timeframe will depend largely on how central of a role the person or group will play in the event. For performers, you should begin booking as soon as possible for a number of reasons. First, high profile acts, like popular venues, get booked extremely fast. If you have your eye on a well-known entertainer, you shouldn’t bet on booking them on short notice. Additionally, the earlier you look into booking entertainment, the earlier you can begin promoting the act to guests and media sources.

For catering staff, set up or clean up crews, and any additional personnel you may need for your event, it doesn’t hurt to book early. However, the need to do so isn’t as pressing as with entertainers. As always, check with the company or person you hope to work with and follow their advice.

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