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Book Directly Through the Entertainer

If you’ve ever planned an event, or even thought about doing so, then you know how much work is involved in the process. Because planning your event is likely not the only thing on your plate, it can be tempting to work exclusively with booking agencies to hire talent, staff, and specialized personnel for your event. But, there are some proven benefits to working directly with the entertainer you hope to book for your event.

Communicate Clearly and Directly
It is often times a great thing that booking agencies are so experienced in booking talent for those less familiar with the entertainment or hospitality industries. However, when you consider the sheer volume of projects these agencies are working on at once, it becomes clear that your request is not always taking precedent. What’s worse, there is a good possibility that information is getting lost in translation where agencies are the middlemen between you and your entertainer.

There is a long list of details that a performer should be informed about before walking into an event, including: the mood or theme for the event, the expected audience, venue size and details, and performance timelines. On top of those details, you may have other special requests or instructions for your entertainer. Unfortunately, some of this information can be left out when you communicate with the agency which then communicates with the performer, leaving your performer in the dark and you unaware of the miscommunication.

When you book directly with the performer, the lines of communication are opened and important information can flow easily between the two of you. This way, you can pinpoint exactly what the performer does and does not know prior to the event.

Save Money
Events, especially large-scale, can be quite costly. Booking entertainment makes up for a large percentage of this cost, and, when you work with a booking agency, you must pay fees to the agency and pay the entertainer for their services. If you opt instead to book directly through the entertainer, you are saving money that can be applied to other areas of the budget.

Establish a Lasting Relationship
If you book an entertainer through a booking agency, odds are the performer will learn very little about you. On the other hand, when you work directly with the entertainer to set up meetings and interviews, communicate directly, and discuss payment and important event details, you will establish a budding professional relationship with this performer.

This relationship can be beneficial to you in the future, especially if you plan to host other events where you will need entertainment. The relationship, especially if the booking process and performance went smoothly, could very well lead to working with this entertainer in the future, which will save you time and money.

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