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5 Questions to Ask Yourself While Booking Corporate Entertainment

Organizing an event can be stressful; there are so many factors to keep track of, and everything must be completed before a deadline. The guests must be invited, a venue must be chosen and potentially rented out, and a schedule outlining the evening should be developed.

Compared to social functions, corporate events are a little more rigid, which means they must be better organized. As such, the entertainment that is provided must be managed carefully. While in the process of booking your corporate event entertainment, keep these five questions in mind:

1. Is the Entertainment Appropriate?

One of the most important aspects to consider about corporate event entertainment is whether or not it is appropriate for your audience and occasion. If your guests are there to celebrate, you have more leeway with whom you can book. If the function is dedicated to announce a product launch, there are more restrictions on what would be deemed appropriate for the occasion.

A room full of business executives and investors most likely does not want to a see punk band play covers of songs that generally appeal to a different generation. Your audience is the most important consideration to make when choosing your entertainment, so take a minute to step back and put yourself in their shoes; what would you want to experience?

2. What Time Will it Begin?

Your entertainers, if they are up to professional standards, will be available at the time you previously established. To make it to that point, however, you have to establish a time, which means the rest of your schedule needs to be planned out. Additionally, there are pros and cons of having the entertainment commence toward the beginning, middle, or end of the function.

The timing of the entertainment should depend on the schedule for the rest of the occasion. If you anticipate that your event will have long speeches or talks, make sure the entertainers come out right as the monotony sets in.

3. How Long Will it Last?

Just like how it is important to determine when the entertainment will commence, it is also essential to figure out how long it will last. Something to keep in mind is to make sure the entertainers do not perform for too long, as people may become uninterested and want for the show to be over.

Comedians, for example, should typically be limited to 60 minutes, as a solid hour of straight comedy will be more than enough for most guests. Depending on the type and intensity of the show you are putting on, the duration should be adjusted accordingly. Remember: your entertainment is meant to supplement your occasion, not be the central focus of it.

4. Does it Fit My Budget?

When it comes to event entertainment, especially corporate entertainment, it can be tempting to overspend in order to create the best possible impression for your guests. Furthermore, costs for corporate entertainment quickly add up if you are not vigilant about adhering to your budget, which makes spending too much difficult to avoid.

You should make an effort to keep track of every dollar that you invest in your entertainment. Planning an event involves costs across a wide variety of categories, and booking entertainment can take up a larger portion than it should.

5. Can my Venue Accommodate Them?

It is important to consult with your venue in order to discern what types of entertainment can be hosted at the location where your event will be held. For example, a small venue may not have a designated space for a large band, and most indoor venues would prefer to avoid entertainers who utilize fire in their acts.

Aside from size limitations and safety hazards, your venue may simply not meet the minimal requirements your entertainment needs. Bands or other music acts may be restrained by a noise restriction, which both literally and figuratively muffles their performance.

To avoid any hiccups in your schedule and awkward explanations to your entertainment and guests, always make sure the entertainer you want will actually be able to perform at your event.

Have Fun

The whole point of entertainment is to bring excitement and energy to your occasion, so do all you can do in order to make sure that the planning, set up, and actual act all go smoothly.

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