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5 Easy Ways to Make Sure your Entertainment Fits the Event

Planning entertainment for a social event, such as a graduation or birthday party, can be a fun yet difficult experience. While you likely have many ideas regarding great entertainment, it is important to make sure that the tone of your performers actually fits the event. You have likely been to an event before where the entertainment was great but did not seem to quite fit the event and venue. This likely left you feeling confused and less than satisfied. In order to help you book appropriate event entertainment, below are 5 easy ways to make sure your entertainment fits the event.

Consider the Event
While you are likely to have a great time at a graduation reception, retirement celebration, or birthday party, each of these events has a different dynamic and requires varying forms of entertainment. This is an important point to consider when planning entertainment for your next event. While many entertainers can generally perform in a variety of settings, you must try and find those who can truly leave a lasting impression on your event.

Consider Your Audience
During the process of considering your specific event, you must account for the type of audience you will have in attendance. If you are planning a family birthday party, you will likely have an audience which covers a wide range of ages. In these situations, you would likely consider hiring a mild musician instead of a provocative comedian. In turn, you would not want to hire someone who would not generate a reaction in an audience consisting of your close friends. No matter the case, you must consider the people who are attending your event when hiring entertainment. Since these are the people who will remember and talk about your event, they ultimately decide its success.

Consider the Venue
While you may have entertainment which fits with the event type and audience, this means nothing if you have a venue which cannot accommodate for the performers. There is a popular trend in the entertainment industry to book large bands which require an ample amount of space to perform and set up equipment. If you have an inadequately sized venue, such as a small meeting room, this will make it impossible for your entertainment to do their job. Since venues typically take more money and notice to book than entertainers, you will need to quickly change plans if your space will not accommodate for your intended performers.

Take Note of the Entertainer’s History
One of the easiest ways to make sure an entertainer will fit with your event is to study the types of events they have performed for in the past. If you are considering hiring a band for a graduation who usually only performs for corporate luncheons, you likely need to go in another direction.

Ask Questions
In the entertainment planning process, asking questions can be the difference between a successful event and an utter failure. If you do not feel as if your desired entertainment will be the right fit for your event, be sure to ask the performers, the venue manager, and even some of your audience members their personal opinions.

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