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4 Tips for Establishing Open Communication with Your Entertainment

Event planning can be a daunting task. From the venue to wardrobe, and even photography, the event features many small pieces which each require their own amount of time and attention. This is certainly true with entertainment. While you may have found the appropriate entertainment given a number of factors, how can you be sure that they will perform up to your expectations? There is really only one answer: communication. By openly communicating with your entertainment about what you expect for your event, you can ensure that the event will be one to always remember. In order to help you do this, below are 4 tips for establishing open communication with your entertainment.
Meet In-Person
While this tip might seem obvious to some, physically meeting with your entertainment is essential towards establishing an open communication channel. While you likely did a great amount of work organizing your entertainment over the phone and via the internet, this does not mean you can afford to not physically meet with them before your event. While you are likely busy with the event planning process, setting aside time for at least two physical meetings will help you ensure a positive experience during the entertainment portion of your event.
Follow Up with Remote Communication
After physically meeting with your entertainment, establish different ways to contact them remotely. While phone and email are heavily relied upon in the entertainment industry, services like Skype have made meeting remotely easier than ever. By having multiple channels through which to contact your entertainment, you can ensure that the plan for your event is openly communicated and understand weeks before the event takes place.
Ask Questions
No matter the caliber of your entertainment, asking questions is critical towards establishing open communication and gaining a clear vision for your event. While your entertainment is likely experienced with a event setting, this does not mean they fully understand the details of your event. If you have ideas which could improve the entertainment experience, start by asking the performer(s) their opinion. In turn, if you have potential complications from your guests or venue, it is important to ask about these so your entertainment has appropriate time to make adjustments.
Request Videos and Photographs
While you likely viewed demo videos and photographs during the hiring process, requesting additional materials before your event will help you carefully analyze your selected entertainment. If you notice something which you like or dislike, it is important to note these points to your entertainment so they can quickly make changes and prepare for your event. While you do not have to scour each piece of recorded material from your entertainment, viewing photos and videos that have a similar setting to your occasion will help immensely during this process. By fully understanding your event entertainment, you will establish a level of open communication that can ensure a great experience and atmosphere for your upcoming function.

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