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4 Things to Consider When Assessing Available Space for Entertainers

Among the many things which you must consider when booking entertainment for your event, venue space is a characteristic which is often overlooked. Depending on your type of entertainment, a specific amount of space will be required in order for the performers to effectively do their job. If you have too little space, the audience will feel cramped and performers will feel unable to naturally work. If you have too much space, you may run into an issue where the entertainment ultimately falls flat. In order to help you book the right entertainment, below are 4 things to consider when assessing your available space.

Venue Size
When assessing the available space for your entertainers, you must start by getting an accurate idea of the size of your venue. Specifically, it is important to note which specific portion of the venue you will designate for entertainment. While you may be hosting your event in a large hotel, the banquet hall may be oddly small and inappropriate for certain types of event entertainment. On the other hand, your venue may be too large, which would detract attention away from your selected entertainment. Assessing your venue size early will lead to less confusion when attempting to find the right entertainment for your event.

Type of Entertainment
When assessing your available space for entertainers, you must consider your selected type of entertainment. While this might seem obvious, different types of performers require different space in order to effectively operate. While comedians may only require a small speaking area, a band would likely require a stage and space for equipment. In more extreme cases of entertainment, such as a fire juggler, there might not be enough space available in a typical indoor venue. No matter what type of entertainment you are considering, be sure to ask the performer(s) how much space they will need in order to provide their best work. While you may be able to make adjustments, it is important to recognize this early rather than the day of the event.

One of the most overlooked factors relating to available space is the noise which is produced by your entertainment. While you may have enough room for a band or other loud performer, a small space and poor acoustics will lead to your guests being uncomfortable and walking out during the performance. If you are considering a performer which emits considerable noise, be sure to ask them about the size of venues they have worked with in the past.

Special Options
If you have a conflict with points 1-3, you should immediately assess your venue to see if there are other special options. While you may find that your selected banquet hall is too small for the desired band, there might be an outdoor location or pool which would be better suited for them Since the entertainment portion does not last very long in comparison to the entire event, many venues will be willing to work with you ahead of time. All you have to do is ask!

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