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3 Important Tips for Hiring Entertainment with Wedding Experience

Is your big day quickly approaching? If so, you have likely spent a great deal of time deciding on numerous factors for your wedding. While there are many aspects that make an amazing wedding, entertainment is perhaps the most important. Since weddings are such significant events, your attendees will remember all of the details for years to come. While there are many entertainers who are equipped to perform in casual social settings (such as a birthday party), they may not have the true experience needed to make your wedding one to remember. When selecting the appropriate entertainment for your wedding, it is imperative that you only hire someone who has performed at weddings in the past. Below are three important tips for hiring entertainment with wedding experience.

1. Ask Questions

While this step might seem obvious, there are a number of people who hire wedding entertainment without asking the performer about their experience with weddings. When attempting to hire an entertainer, make sure you ask them relevant questions about their experience with weddings before ever making the decision to hire them. Honest people will be upfront with you regarding their experience and will often have stories from other wedding events to back this up. In addition to asking about basic wedding experience, make sure to ask them for any special accommodations you might need for your wedding event. Some entertainers will be happy to fulfill your request, while others will present you with negativity and a list of potential fees. When in doubt, ask questions!

2. Read Reviews

In this day and age, there is a digital outlet which can be used to leave a review about any type of business professional. Wedding entertainers are not an exception to this rule. When looking to hire the proper entertainer for your wedding, it is important to go online and read reviews regarding their experience with wedding events. You may find that your desired entertainer has not performed well at weddings in the past, or worse, has no experience with weddings at all. There are a number of review based websites which will make this process much easier, including Yelp and Angie’s List. Even Google offers condensed reviews if the entertainer is somewhat popular online. No matter how good an entertainer might seem on paper, it is always a wise bet to trust the opinions of those who have used their services in the past.

3. Request Video

While asking questions and reading reviews should be your first two steps in selecting an entertainer with wedding experience, video evidence is the only way to truly know if an entertainer will be a hit at your wedding. All relevant entertainers will have a video demo of their work in the past. If they are wedding-specific entertainers, they should have at least one video which showcases their work in this important setting. Entertainers without video evidence are either being dishonest about their venue experience or lack any real experience as a professional entertainer. If you suspect either of these options is the case, you should quickly move on to another potential entertainer as soon as possible.

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